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The best laptops for kids in the UK

Stay on top of schoolwork and with one of these impressive laptops from top brands like Apple, Acer, and Dell.

best for features

Apple MacBook Pro

Probably the coolest of the bunch, but it’ll cost you.

£2,799 from Amazon

Best for the basics

Samsung Chromebook 3

The Samsung Chromebook 3 features all of the basics at a reasonable price.

£440 from Amazon

Best for education

Dell Chromebook 11

The Chromebook 11 3180 bundles the basics with a focus on education.

£179.99 from Amazon

Kids are capable of mastering computer skills at a very young age, and not just to watch videos on YouTube. In fact, they probably know more than you.

As desktops, laptops, and tablets continue to play a larger role in our everyday lives, children are learning about the internet, word processing, coding, and other everyday computer skills, and applying those skills in various aspects of their education and recreation. It is therefore becoming increasingly important to equip your child with a device to help them learn.

When buying a computer for your child, we recommend buying a laptop in lieu of a desktop. Kids will definitely benefit from the portable nature of laptops, especially when it comes to schoolwork. And you will benefit from the lower price point of a laptop compared to a desktop model. 

Key features to focus on when shopping for younger kids are security controls, size, and ease of use. Younger kids aren’t going to be editing videos or using complex applications, so save the extra features for the older siblings, who may need a faster machine with additional storage space for their school work and gaming hobbies.  

We’ve selected the models that we believe are the most kid friendly based on a variety of needs. Remember to keep in mind what your child will ultimately be using the laptop for, and that should guide you to what best fulfils those needs at your price point.  

These are the best laptops for kids in 2020.

Reasonably priced • Solid security • Slim and portable
Not many bells and whistles
If you are looking for the basics, go with the Chromebook 3.
The Samsung Chromebook 3 features all of the basics at a reasonable price.

£440 from Amazon

Basic laptop needs for kids include homework, surfing the web, and Netflix on an HD screen. The Samsung Chromebook 3 has all of the above covered, at a very reasonable price. 
The Chromebook 3 also comes stocked with built-in security applications to protect against attacks, along with free updates that are provided automatically. Additional protection comes in the form of a water-resistant keyboard.
Weighing in at 1.15 kilograms and measuring only 0.7 inches thick, this slim and lightweight laptop is easy for little hands to carry around from school to home. With a full charge, the battery life can last you up to 11 hours for a long road trip or busy school day. You can also recline the laptop 180 degrees to share a video with a classmate. 
Reasonably priced • Education focused • Built to withstand drops and spills
A bit bulky
The Dell Chromebook 11 bundles the basics with a focus on education.
The Chromebook 11 3180 bundles the basics with a focus on education.

£179.99 from Amazon

The Dell Chromebook 11 features all the necessities for a school laptop at a reasonable cost. It even comes with one year of Google One, which includes 100 GB of Cloud Storage, support from Google experts, and distinctive member benefits.
The Dell Chromebook 11 is built to withstand common student mishaps – spills on the keyboard, being tossed into a backpack, being scratched with a pencil. The screen is made of Corning Gorilla glass, which, according to Dell, has 10-times higher scratch resistance than standard glass screens.
The battery life is advertised at 12.45 hours, so you won’t have to worry about the laptop running out of juice in the middle of a class.  
Rugged design • Spill-proof keyboard • Standard with classroom requirements
Memory and storage on the low end
This Asus Chromebook C223NA is built to take whatever your kids thrown at it.
The ASUS Chromebook C223NA is built to take a beating and keep on computing.

£229.99 from Amazon

The Asus Chromebook C223NA was designed with kids in mind. It’s compact and lightweight, with a dual-core Intel processor and up to 10 hours of battery life. TRhere’s no need to fight for an outlet in the classroom to keep the Chromebook charged.  
The Chrome operating system that runs the Chromebook is standard in most schools, as are the Google apps that come standard with the Chromebook. Thanks to the full power of G Suite and other productivity apps from the Google Play Store, this model lets your child breeze through all their everyday tasks from home.
The storage and memory on the Chromebook is on the lower end — to be expected with the price tag.
HD display • Tactile finish
Low memory
You should have no issue watching videos, visiting websites, or completing assignments.
The features on the Aspire 1 will have your head turning.

£249.99 from Amazon

The Acer Aspire 1 is thin and easily portable, with a Precision Touchpad that helps your child work more effectively. It’s shaped for comfort and style, with round-cornered keys and a horizontal hair-line brush pattern delivering a nice, tactile finish. 
Some customer reviews complained about lack of storage on the device, so you may not be able to load anything new or use the laptop for gaming without purchasing some extra storage. 
What can be loaded onto the Aspire 1 will look great, and you should have no issue watching videos, visiting websites, or using the features that come standard with the Windows 10 Home operating system. 
Apple quality and ease of use • Intuitive technology
If you can afford it, your kid will have the coolest laptop.
Probably the coolest of the bunch, but it’ll cost you.

£2,799 from Amazon

If you trust your kid to take care of their laptop, and have the pocket change to spring for an expensive model, the Apple MacBook Pro is the way to go. Apple products are known for their quality and ease of use, but that is just part of the reason why.
For starters, the MacBook Pro will never slow you down due to high-performance memory and storage. Everything you view on a MacBook Pro will pop with sophisticated retina technology and LED backlighting. 
If you opt for the more expensive model you can also benefit from the Touch Bar feature, which eliminates the need for function keys. Using intuitive technology, the Touch Bar resides at the top of the keyboard and lets you control the system based on what you are doing – volume controls when watching shows, emojis and predictive text when you are talking to friends, and more. A fingerprint sensor can also help you prevent any unapproved purchases. 
Most schools use Chromebooks or Windows-based computers for students, so the Mac operating system might take a little getting used to. But like all Apple products, it is designed to be intuitive, and it will be beneficial to be familiar with Apple technology as higher education and business continue to be more Mac-friendly.  
Security protocol • HR camera • Lightweight
Basic accessories sold separately
Transform this tablet into a perfect laptop for your kids.
This tablet can be transformed into the perfect laptop for your kids.

£395 from Amazon

It will take the purchase of a compatible keyboard to transform the Microsoft Surface Go from tablet to laptop, but we think the features included with this device make it a worthy contender on this list. 
The Surface Go security system includes Windows defender and customisable parental controls, as well as built-in parental controls: Only apps verified by the Microsoft store can be downloaded onto the laptop.
The lightweight tablet weighs in at 0.56 kilograms, and its sleek frame should be no problem for little hands to handle. The laptop comes equipped with two built-in HD cameras, and it’s small enough to pull double duty so you don’t have to buy a camera for your little shutterbug. The Surface Go also uses Windows Hello technology that lets you log in using the camera, eliminating the chance of your kids forgetting their passwords. 
Speaking of forgetfulness, the tablet boasts 9 hours of battery life, which will benefit those who have a hard time remembering to plug into the charger.
Accessories for the Surface Go — compatible keyboard, pen, and mouse — must be purchased separately.