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Can’t afford a Peloton? This Flywheel bike is 41% off on Amazon.

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TL;DR: The Flywheel home exercise bike is a solid Peloton alternative, and right now you can order one through Amazon for just $999 (down $700 from $1,699). 

If you think Peloton’s commercials are ridiculous, just wait ’til you peep the price tags on the company’s at-home fitness bikes.

To be sure, getting in shape is typically pretty expensive no matter how you approach it, whether you shell out for a membership to your local athletic club, sign up for a fitness class, or turn your living room into a makeshift home gym. And that’s just the exercising part of it: The cost of eating healthier can quickly add up, too, especially if you’re like me and always forget about the bags of spinach sitting in the back of your fridge. (That shit goes bad so! fast!)

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Still, at a base price of $2,245, a Peloton bike isn’t something most people would call accessible, you know?

Fortunately, at-home spin classes are now popular enough to encourage some competition for the high-end brand — and right now, a bike from Flywheel, one of Peloton’s biggest rivals, is now on sale at an all-time-low price on Amazon. 

For a limited time, you can order a Flywheel home exercise bike through the online retailer for just $999 — that’s 41% off its suggested retail price of $1,699, which is its biggest discount in Amazon history. On top of those savings, you’ll also receive a free two-month subscription to Flywheel’s live and on-demand cycling and training classes (normally $39 a month) *and* enjoy free expert delivery with free assembly (an $89 value). 

If there’s a better exercise bike deal out there, we have yet to see it.

As previously mentioned, Flywheel is one of Peloton’s closest competitors — so close, in fact, that Peloton sued Flywheel in 2018 for allegedly “creating a copycat of the Peloton Bike experience” and its technology. (Peloton has since filed a similar lawsuit against Echelon Fitness LLC, another one of its competitors.) You can do what you wish with that information — but FWIW, both brands’ bikes are made from premium, durable materials and feature advanced performance-tracking metrics with an option to compete remotely with your fellow spinners. (You’ll also need special cycling shoes no matter what type of bike you’re riding, and those are sold separately.)

The most notable difference between Peloton and Flywheel bikes is the way in which they allow you to access their respective classes. A classic Flywheel bike requires a separate device for streaming — you can either pair it with a smartphone or tablet, or cast its classes to your TV using either Apple TV or Chromecast — but you’ve got the option of adding a built-in tablet for $$$. Peloton bikes, meanwhile, come standard with built-in monitors.

If cost is the deciding factor in your choice of a home fitness bike, getting a Flywheel is a no-brainer given Amazon’s current deal on the brand’s tablet-less model: Click the blue button below to snag one of them for only $999. 

Can't afford a Peloton? This Flywheel bike is 41% off on Amazon.