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Best robot vacuums for every budget

Feast your eyes, fam: This one’s the motherlode. Claiming to have 10 times the air power of its 600-level siblings, the Roomba i7 gives a whole new meaning to “making life easier.” Hands down the coolest feature out of all these on the list, the Roomba i7 actually empties its own dustbin.
Room-scanning and mapping technology aren’t new to robot vacuums, as most competitors either come with built-in lasers or have the option to purchase virtual barriers. However, Roomba raised the stakes with the i7’s ability to remember your home’s layout (up to 10 floor plans). The iAdapt technology remembers where it already cleaned and the spots that need extra attention.
Anyone who spends this much on a vacuum is undoubtedly picky about cleaning. However, most of the i7’s backlash is about price tag and not about the cleaning quality itself. The three-stage cleaning system and dual rubber brushes lift dirt and hair trapped in carpet, and the high-efficiency filter traps 99% of allergies. The i7 can self-empty 30 bins of dust before you even need to touch it.
If you don’t think you necessarily need automatic dirt disposal, you can opt out of the Clean Base and buy the i7 on its own for $799. But if you can spend $700 on a vacuum what’s $500 more for the base, right?